Have you ever pressed your forehead
against a window pane
and felt the coolness of another dimension
trickle across your skin?

The sensation–
coupled with our ardent stares
at the outside world–
is beguiling.

Still, we gawk in fascination,
beyond the pane,
as the warmth of the room
stealthily escapes.

our hands rise to
comfort our face
and to steady our gaze.

We plaster ourselves
and shift our stance,
probing into the distance
yet captive by this pane.

I have waited a lifetime
with my eyes.
for that which will be my escape.

And this room has gone cold around me.
With my limbs
limp and sagging
beneath the shadow of this pane.

And suddenly there is no room anymore.
Walls now dissolved to dust
and the roof now beckons the sky
and all that remains

is the memory of all that could’ve been.



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