I have gone everywhere and nowhere
since the last time I saw you.
Voyaging frequently,
I carry everything that I need in a suitcase.
But, unpacking is tedious 
when the place is so familiar.
Though, I dare not leave anything 
I neatly unfold the contents of my case 
Coupling a polo with chinos,
t-shirt with jeans– 
a ritual of garments and expressions.

It’s amazing how we condense ourselves
when required.
Carefully selecting the essentials and 
abandoning the unnecessary with reckless precision.
So here I am once again
unfurling my things across the duvet.
Reorganizing what I deem valuable
and tidying my world inside a box.

I have gone everywhere and nowhere
packing and unpacking and packing. 
Yet, all that I seem to carry
is everything that I left behind.