For Jordan

“The officer, Roy Oliver, has not been criminally charged. A police representative for him could not be reached. Jordan, along with his two brothers and two friends, were in the car when it was fired upon last Saturday. Jordan died from a fatal gunshot wound to the head, the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office said. His death has been ruled a homicide.”

Jason Hanna, Jaide Timm-Garcia and Darran Simon, CNN
Updated 8:29 PM ET, Thu May 4, 2017


Death hangs
like a musky, velvet drape
in the foyer of an abandoned house
with shattered windows and neglected floorboards
long bullied by the elements.

Shadows decorate the barren walls
in the form of ghosts of young martyrs.
And every surface is stained
with righteous indignation
and blood.

I didn’t sojourn here. Who would?
No, this is our birthplace.
A solemn reminder that our history
is written in epitaphs etched in our memories
for tombstones were luxuries we didn’t have.

And so here I remain again, and again and again.
Tied to this ossuary forever.
Surviving within an expired breath from the inevitable
for we carry our demise within us.

But, I will not make a home of a sepulcher.
I will not bury our children here.
Still they hunt our seed for sport
and ask forgiveness to compound our suffering.

But my black lungs will sing for our children.
Praying that they escape this crypt.
And though the air is damp with mourning.
I will sing for our children. I will sing for Jordan.


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