With Love, From a Distance Place

If I were lightyears from you,
I still believe my words would reach you—nightly.
To soothe your cluttered mind
and unpack the worries from a tedious day.

Like an infant’s hand,
your mind furls around deadlines,
receipts, comments, emails—
So, I must voyage to you.

Black Boy, Run

Since babes
our feet carried us.
Awkwardly at first,
but agility is our birthright.

Strong feet, smooth as blades,
disappeared in the tall grass
behind Nana’s house–
decorated by laughter and cicadas.

WCW: La Bella Collection | Vol. 1

June 1, 2016

“Tell me your dreams, cry on my chest, curse at your doubters! Let’s laugh at our failures, and we’ll dine to our accomplishments. Let’s etch our names on trees in foreign lands and let the exotic become common to us, and the mundane things only be reserved for random Thursdays in May…”

-Yours truly